Test Pressing – “Music for Organ” (1988)

“Music for Organ” was recorded in August 1988, either just before or just after the Innaugural Recital of the Smenge Organ in the Concert Hall at Newcastle Conservatorium. Originally released on vynil it followed a predictable short run before going out of print. The reel to reel master tapes have long since gone. In Early 2014 a cassette labelled ‘test pressing’ was discovered and the tape was quickly sent to the U.K. where it was transferred and restored onto digital tape. “Music for Organ” will be available once again in January 2016 on compact disc & digital download.

Excerpts from the vynil transfer will be available to hear online over the coming months. To compliment this – excerpts from the Innaugural Recital at Newcastle Conservatorium will be available to hear online over the coming weeks.


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Featuring works by;

J.S. Bach
Eugene Gigout
Marcel Dupre
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault
Arthur Wills

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